Bulk liquid cargo transportation across Europe

Itaka-Trans Logistics Company is engaged in bulk liquid cargo transportation across Europe:

  • We deliver bulk liquids in tank trucks and tank containers to the EU.
  • We transport liquid products by road from Europe to Russia and the EAEU.
  • We provide freight forwarding and necessary documentation for transportation of food and non-food liquids, including dangerous chemical cargo.

We provide vehicles, including an ADR certificate and a permit for transportation of bulk dangerous goods with packing group II, as well as certified tank containers for the required type and volume. We provide additional services related with international transportation of bulk liquid products such as: Representation and brokerage in Europe, customs clearance for import and export in Russia. We arrange certification of foreign products in the EAEU, ensure control of documents, and presentation of goods at the border.

Chemical liquids transportation as per ADR

We arrange safe road transportation of dangerous liquids in ADR-certified vehicles, liquids transportation, liquefied gases under pressure at the necessary temperature, at extremely low temperatures, or with heating with the following:

  • Liquefied natural and hydrocarbon gases (LNG, LPG), ethylene, methanol, nitrogen, hydrogen sulphide, chlorine, fluorine, oxygen, carbon dioxide, and helium.
  • Petroleum products – kerosene, diesel oil, diesel and furnace fuel, fuel oil, bitumen, and petroleum oils.
  • Concentrated acids, alkalis, salt solutions, liquid fertilizers and reagents.
  • Alcohols, esters, solvents, oxidizing agents and peroxides.
  • Liquid food and feed additives, vegetable and essential oils, wine materials, and juice concentrates.

We professionally solve transportation problems  of class 8 dangerous goods, by public roads in Russia and abroad. We agree on the routes, and obtain the necessary permits.

We provide consulting services regarding the documents required for bulk transportation of food-grade and chemical liquid products. We lease and sell new and used certified tank containers owned by the company.We organize the placement of liquid cargo in specialized temporary storage facilities for customs clearance and their storage after release.