International consignments

Itaka-Trans, the logistics operator, carrier and customs representative, offer professional solutions and its services in the field of international transportation of liquid bulk cargo.

Company Profile

Transport and logistics company Itaka-Trans specializes in international and domestic transportation of liquid cargo in bulk.

We provide transportation of liquids inside bulk on consumer or transport containers in specialized cargo tanks of a suitable type and design:

  • tanks;
  • tank containers (tanker containers);
  • flexitanks.

We organize international delivery of liquid cargo in the course of foreign trade deliveries to/from Russia:

  • by water (sea);
  • by road
  • by rail;
  • by air (in case of urgent need).

We provide support information and practical assistance in matters of:

  • Drawing up a foreign trade contract and commercial documents
  • Accompanying package preparation for the cargo
  • Composition analysis, quality, certification abroad and in Russia;
  • Permits issuance, approvals (for import, export).

We provide a full range of customs services when moving bulk cargo across the customs border:

  • Check commercial, freight, supporting documents;
  • declare liquids with premises under any customs procedures;
  • we organize terminal processing, placement and escort of goods under customs control.

We organize additional services and processing of bulk products in Russia and abroad:

  • Accumulation (in special tanks, storages);
  • Safekeeping
  • Transshipment when changing vehicles;
  • Discharge, filling, refilling, unpacking (in the tanks).

Geography of activity

We organize turnkey international transportation of liquid cargo inside bulk for foreign trade transactions with companies from the countries of the EAEU and the CIS, the countries of the European Union, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa, the USA and Latin America.

We provide international transportation of bulk cargo in tanks by road and rail when delivering products to/from:

  • China;
  • Kazakhstan;
  • Belarus;
  • Azerbaijan;
  • Germany;
  • France;
  • Italy;
  • Spain;
  • Turkey;
  • Greece;
  • Poland.

We deliver liquids in bulk by regular vessels of sea container lines from countries:

  • Southeast Asia (India, China, Indonesia, Thailand);
  • Africa and the Middle East (Turkey, Iran, Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia);
  • the United States and the Latin American countries.

Routing options for multimodal transportation:

  • Through St. Petersburg and Ust-Luga;
  • with transshipment in transit ports of the Baltic states, Finland and subsequent auto delivery;
  • with customs clearance at the border (at the port of arrival) or domestic customs posts.

Itaka-Trans takes care of all organizational and transportation issues, as well as responsibility for:

  • Cargo in the entire delivery period;
  • vehicle condition and quality of work performed;
  • actions of the involved subcontractors and mutual settlements with them.

We organize the transportation of liquid bulk cargo by tankers on international and federal traffic in full accordance with the rules and requirements of ADR:

  • In the containers of a suitable design intended for a specific type of cargo that has undergone processing;
  • in the presence of markings and information plates on the tractor and trailer;
  • in the presence of valid ADR certificates (with the required permit) for transportation and the driver;
  • with a full package of correctly issued supporting documents;
  • with the registration of the required permits and approvals for operation on the roads of foreign countries and Russia.


международной доставки наливного грузаперевозки наливных грузов автоцистернамиперевозках жидких грузов наливом


Itaka-Trans on a regular basis organizes the transportation of various categories of liquid cargo:

  • Food and feed products – juices, concentrates, wine materials, alcohol, beer and beer wort, vegetable oils, food additives, molasses;
  • fuel (gasoline, diesel), oil products (gas oil, fuel oil, bitumen) and petrochemicals;
  • chemical liquids, including hazardous ones – acids, alkalis, salts solutions, oxidizing agents and peroxides, surfactants, resins, esters, solvents and hardeners, latex;
  • pharmaceutical and cosmetic raw materials – turpentine, essential oils, lanolin, glycerin.

We provide trouble-free delivery of “turnkey” liquid cargoes in the “all in” mode when importing and exporting under INCOTERMS.

You can get a free consultation of Itaka-Trans specialists on issues about international delivery of bulk cargo, request a calculation of the cost of transportation and customs costs through the application form on the page, by phone or e-mail.