Transportation of bulk cargoes

Перевозка опасных и наливных грузов в танк-контейнерах

Logistics company Itaka-Trans is engaged in the organization of delivery of bulk cargo in Russia. Cargo transportation in Russia is carried out by cars, tankers and tank containers of our own fleet, which is based in St. Petersburg. Transportation of liquid cargo in domestic traffic is carried out by road, rail and sea transport.

The company is engaged in the cargo transportation of the following types in Russia:

  • Food – concentrated fruit juices, mineral water, milk, wine, cognac, vodka, beer, food additives, etc.;
  • Chemical – raw materials to produce paints and varnishes, saline solutions, oils, lubricants, fatty acids;
  • Waste – chemical and food;
  • Petroleum products – gasoline, diesel fuel, kerosene, etc.;
  • Liquefied gases.

We carry out long-distance transportation of goods across Russia of various hazard classes, namely from 3 to 9.

The company delivers bulk cargo mainly in tank containers or tank trucks. A tank container is a tank enclosed in a sturdy metal frame with the size of a standard container. This design makes tank container transportation safe, environmentally friendly, economical and very multimodal.

One of the directions of the Itaka-Trans company is the delivery of liquid cargo in Russia, arriving by sea to the ports of St. Petersburg. Import deliveries of bulk cargoes in the Russian Federation are made directly from the port or after a special warehouse transfer to St. Petersburg from tank containers and other containers into plastic cubes or barrels. After customs clearance, bulk cargo is delivered to customers in any region of Russia.

For the delivery of bulk cargo to remote and inaccessible regions of the country, specialists of the company apply the following logistics scheme: After acceptance at the port, the tanks are transferred to railway transport, then at the station the container is reloaded onto the car and it is delivered to the destination.

The company is also engaged in the transportation of liquid bulk goods of domestic production from a Russian manufacturer to consignees in the Leningrad region or from the North-West region to other cities of Russia. We carry out the loading of bulk cargo from railway 60-ton containers into tanks and other containers. We offer convenient logistics schemes for the supply of liquid cargo to export through the ports of St. Petersburg.

Our company also provides the following services: delivery of bulk cargo from Finland, transportation of bulk cargo from Russia to Kazakhstan, transportation of hazardous goods from China, transportation of hazardous ADR cargo from Italy to the Russian Federation, transportation of hazardous cargo to the USA through Hamburg.