Logistics company Itaka-Trans, being one of the leading tank container operators, is engaged in the integrated logistics of various types of bulk cargo in tank containers. In the procedures of its work, Itaka-Trans considers all aspects of customer requirements for product delivery, applying an individual approach to each customer and each individual shipment. When working with the customers, company professionals offer the most optimal delivery options for bulk cargo in tank containers, taking into account all the interests and wishes of the customer.

Itaka-Trans carries out the transportation of liquids in tank containers, which are tanks enclosed in a metal frame with the dimensions of standard sea containers. Transportation of bulk cargo in tank containers is the most secure, environmentally friendly, cost-effective transportation of bulk cargo. Due to the transportation of bulk cargo in tank containers, the cost of goods is significantly low.

Tank containers are transported by sea, road and rail. Delivery in tanks is highly multimodal, since they can easily be loaded from one type of transportation to another, stored in several tiers on the decks of ships, on equipped and non-equipped sites. These advantages allow Itaka-Trans to offer its customers the most profitable bulk delivery routes, deliver to the most inaccessible regions of Russia and the world.

Itaka-Trans delivers bulk cargo from the CIS countries, Europe, North and South America, the Middle East, China and other countries around the world, as well as throughout Russia, offering convenient multimodal delivery routes through the ports of St. Petersburg. The company’s own brokers carry out customs clearance of hazardous cargo and transit registration of non-hazardous cargo “turnkey” at the customs posts of St. Petersburg.

Transportation is carried out using our own tank containers and trucks , which are based in St. Petersburg. All tanks and vehicles of the company have ADR permits for hazardous bulk cargo transportation of international standards, the company also employs specially trained drivers with many years of experience in transporting bulk cargo, including hazardous bulk cargo.

Adopting the positive experience of European carriers, the company successfully deals with the logistics of all types of liquid bulk cargo – hazardous, non-hazardous, food and chemical. Choosing logistics company Itaka-Trans you are choosing the speed of delivery, the efficiency of all operations, and the ability to control the cargo throughout the journey. The work of a friendly and well-coordinated team aimed at a high result is the formula for the success of Itaka-Trans.




Itaka is responsibility

We are not talking about unique trading offers, we are not talking about promotions and discounts, they simply do not exist in our business. We will not tell you about the individual approach and the ratio of quality and price.
We are convinced that responsibility is important in our business. The responsibility of people to people. Itaka is all about responsibility.


We don’t carry everything and from everywhere. We are focused on what we can do best and where we can be the first: International transportation of liquid (bulk) and hazardous cargo. Only this way we can offer truly high-quality service and solve real customer problems.